Malanima is a musical project born in Livorno on March 2o12 from an idea of
Daniele Caboni, Stella Sorgente and Sickozell.

During 2o14 Francesco Sorgente joins band for live venues and recordings.


Daniele Caboni: vocals, guitars, baǧlama, keyboards.
Stella Sorgente: acoustic double bass, electric double bass.
Sickozell: programming, synths.
Francesco Sorgente: guitars, tambourine.


Their first Promo, out on-line on september 2o12, is downloadable for free in high quality with printable covers.

In march 2o14 ‘Keine Gnade’ video and ‘The Cooling Hour’ are published on YouTube, and are available in audio streaming on Soundcloud and MySpace.

First album titled Mondi Dissociati is released on june 2014 available for free download or CDaudio purchase on website.

In June 2o14 Darkitalia released ‘3.5 Decades – A Joy Division Italian Tribute’, Malanima recorded track #4, ‘Insight’. More infos here.

In December 2o16 ‘Aroldo’ video is released on Youtube.

About music

Malanima’s music aim is to mix various musical, lingual and culture expressions.
Their works are released under Creative Commons License.